Krazy Kritter Kookies
 100% All Natural - Hand Crafted Pet Treats

     All of Krazy Kritter Kookies products are “made with love” and without artificial preservatives!  They only contain ALL NATURAL ingredients right down to the food coloring which is made from fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Every recipe has been thoughtfully created to ensure your pet only gets the best nutritional and health value from each deliciously made morsel you give them.

     The “quality control team” Cannon and Otis try each recipe before it’s made for resale at local markets, pet stores and other businesses.  If it doesn’t pass their inspection, it doesn’t leave the kitchen.

     Every nutritious and delicious “kookie” and treat promote health and wellness in your pet.  You will find that cranberries and papaya for intestinal and urinary health, cloves and pumpkin seed for guarding against fleas and worms, and extra virgin olive oil, oats, and flax seed to promote healthy skin and shiny coats have been added to Krazy Kritter Kookies for this very reason.

     Feel good about what you’re giving your pet and know that the same ingredients in Krazy Kritter Kookies are the same ingredients you would eat yourself.

We make treats for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, turtles, hamsters, rats, gerbils and guinea pigs too!

​Does your dog have a birthday coming up?  Make sure to ask about our Krazy Kakes or pre-order our D.O.G. - Dough On the Go and bake a batch of treats right in your own home!